richmanfrug (richmanfrug) wrote in woman_pride,

A First

hi everyone,

well this something I'd never thought I would be doing..talking about my body. Up until the end of last year.. I have never been comfortable with being naked..not even when it is just me and the mirror. But now I am so comfortable and relaxed. To me, being naked with someone you love is such a special thing..not to mention with yourself;) With previous girlfriends..I have never been able to feel fully free and comfortable. But it is my deep love for Z and how she has treated me, which has changed all is such a wonderful feeling that I shall cherish always.

As a woman I have such respect for other women and how they are treated and how their bodies are talked about. The other day when traveling home on the train three executives came and sat next to me. At first the conversation was the average daily blah..then it turned being explicit and vulgar. Describing about their girlfriends breasts and how the vagina is more pleasurable when sowed up a notch. god I felt sick..that I moved...but afterward I felt I felt that I should have said something more than a moody 'excuse me'. I am now thinking of ways that I can channel my anger and reaction if this situation should occur again.
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